Umarvl has developed unique processes that convert rich primary field information, such as video and audio recordings of medical product usage, patient-physician interactions and HCP interviews, into a set of sponsor defined project deliverable. Out experience indicates that methodical and unbiased ethnographic research result in:

  • product development that is quicker to market and more commercially successful;
  • reinforcement of R&D roadmaps with multiple near-term actionable opportunities ;
  • reduction in non-compliance risks though traceability of customer requirements;
  • enhancement of product related physician and sales-force training;
  • reinforcement of product positioning messages and validation of competitor assessment

In addition to ethnographic research we help our clients with solution ideation, concept risk/benefit analysis and technology leveraging.

UMARVL team consists of medical device professionals with combinations of marketing and R&D backgrounds. Because of our recent hands-on experience with broad range of technologies and medical specialties, UMARVL team quickly masters complex technical and medical information to efficiently address client’s unique research goals. We offer highly customizable service plans to satisfy wide range of project scopes, timelines and budgets.